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Volunteers sacrifice own time to help document and protect wildlife

Dear MSAF,

Your generous gift is sponsoring volunteers like Nevada and Mike, both of whom are on Citizen Wildlife Monitoring teams focused on detecting grizzly bears. The camera that capture this image is located on the northeast flank of the Pasayten Wilderness, located in the Okanogan region of Washington State.

This location has been selected for the past four years by the advisory council of biologists at Conservation Northwest to monitor for grizzly bears due to previous sightings and excellent habitat. The Iron Gate entrance into the Horseshoe Basin of the Pasayten lies within critical core habitat for gray wolves and Canada lynx as well. Nevada and Mike have volunteered for several years now, and are well suited to find habitat off of the beaten trail. They will appreciate the sponsorship of their team as they make the long drive to maintain these cameras from the Seattle area.

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