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Wildlife underpasses — gateways for wildlife

250-get wildlife across road story 3 - volunteer planting
Dear Paul,

Two wildlife underpasses are under construction just east of Snoqualmie Pass on Interstate 90 in Washington State, and what better way to entice wildlife to use the underpasses but by restoring native plants! The Gold Creek valley is a vital north-south wildlife corridor in Washington’s Cascades Range. It is also a tremendous recreational asset, providing an iconic picnic spot, interpretive trail around Gold Creek pond, and launching pad to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Over the years, many people have loved and used this area, leaving it trampled of native vegetation and chock full of invasive plants. Conservation Northwest began working with volunteers there in 2009 to reverse this trend by planting native trees and removing invasive species.

Now Conservation Northwest aims for bigger change as they plant thousands of native plants into a concentrated area around the picnic tables and pond. Your gift helped with their planting day, which took place on October 13. Thank you for your generosity!

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